Interview with Kiki Barth, international model

Jamais 2 sans 3, n’est-ce pas? Voici la 3ième entrevue menée auprès de Kiki Barthélémy, mannequin vedette qui sera au défilé demain de Ralph Leroy, à l’Arsenal dans le cadre de la Semaine de la Mode de Montréal.

kiki barth1- What does it mean to you to come to Montreal, for the Fashion Week, and do a runway show with the world-renowned Haitian designer Ralph Leroy?

KB: I’m flattered and honored to represent Haiti with Ralph. It’s going to be so much fun and cold « burrrrrr »…

2- What do you think you will be bringing to Kenscoff?

My intention is to bring lure and grace to the show.

3- What are the key elements that determine your choice of designer with whom you will be working?

The Key elements to me are first and foremost style of course, then innovation and purpose.

4- Ralph Leroy, with Kenscoff, wants to bring Haiti to Montreal. To what extent do you think it’s important to remain connected to the Haitian community for you, and your career?

It is my goal to bring as much awareness to Haiti as possible. The Haitian community embodies who I am, my connection to life and desire to grow. Maintaining my roots to Haiti is near and dear to my heart.

5- As a model, how do you make your mark in the fashion industry?

I live to live this lifestyle! I’m always seeking to improve myself and understand the current trends. Fashion makes me happy, and through my happiness I hope to give happiness to others.

Kiki Barth